Party Information and History

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Party Information and History

Post  Rise on Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:03 pm

Federalist Party (FP) is a party that strives for a fiscally sound and strong nationalistic government, we focus on Nationalism and Federalism. We are a a non-interventionist party, we avoid all wars not related to direct territorial self-defense. We focus on educating all eUSA citizens on all aspects of the game, we focus on buying only eUSA products and we pride ourselves on getting all party members involved in the party and politics in general

== Party Views ==

(written by Billy fleming)
Mission Statement: We strive to encourage fiscal responsibility in our government, build and maintain a strong and stable economy.

Political: We believe in democracy and free election. We believe in a fiscally responsible government that does wastefully spend money on unneccessary thingss.

Economic: We believe that a strong economy is the most important part of the eUSA. We want to strongly encourage the purchase of eUSA made goods, as well as exportation of excess goods to foreign nations.

Foreign Policy: We believe in having strong bonds with foreign nations, especially those that directly border our great nation. Having constant communications with foreign nations is essential to forming these and we hope to have regular communication with every nation.

Military: We believe in being non-interventionists. We believe that the eUSA should never attack a foreign nation, this does not mean we do not believe in a military. To help deter foreign nations from attacking us, a strong military is essential. We want to provide every region with a Q5 Hospital and Defensive System, primarily those states that border other nations, over time.

Party: We, as a party, strive to keep in communication with all members, and encourage all of our members to share their views about Erepublik and our party. As the world evolves and Admins add new elements to the game, our party needs to evolve with it. Our views are always open to change and we welcome ALL new ideas brought to us by any party member willing to share them.

== Our Founding Members ==

Billy Fleming

== List of Party Presidents ==
October 2008 - Present: Rise

== The Beginning ==

The Federalist Party was formed through discussing a name change for the Erepublikans for Change (RfC) political party. The party wanted a name that represents RfC ideals, many members believed "Federalist Party" was the correct name, but through our research we found that The Federalist Party ideals were not the ideals of RfC. We (the FP founders) found that we understood and agreed with the Federalist ideals much more than the RfC ones. The RfC President proposed a name change and it failed due to the majority of members not wanting to change the party name and or ideals. After the name changed failed and a PP election that was disappointing we decided it was time to follow our beliefs and start a real Federalist Party! Thus the only Federalist Party in eUSA was born and our future is looking very bright.


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